Yankee Farmlands: Late Harvest

My Yankee Farmlands Project spanned some two and a half years, culminating in a series of 99 landscape photographs produced in over 40 towns throughout the Connecticut countryside. But despite the broad range of work I was able to include in the project series, there was also a wide range of imagery I produced during project shoots that didn’t make the cut for various curatorial reasons. Late Harvest is an addendum to the Yankee Farmlands project, offering a peek behind the curtain at some of the imagery which could very well have earned a slot between 1 and 99 —and would have— if things had gone just a bit differently.

After all, there was a limit to the number of pieces that could be included in Yankee Farmlands; it was not uncommon that releasing a new installment meant choosing between two or three fitting photographs. And for that matter, it wasn’t enough that a given piece satisfied my vision. The Yankee Farmlands project taught me that there are all sorts of other important considerations that go into the making of a thematic, serialized collection. Had the particular farm been included in a previous installment of the project? Was the town already solidly represented in past installments? Sometimes the problem was just that the subject matter diverged a bit from the project theme or that the composition simply proved too similar to recent installments. Whatever the factors were in each case, a great deal of deliberation was often involved in determining which shots made the formal project series and which shots, despite my being pleased with them, were destined to be filed away in my archives and seen mostly just by clients. But with Late Harvest, I’m pleased to offer you access to some of those filed works that elaborate on the story I’ve told with Yankee Farmlands.