The Falls of Burlington

The Falls of Burlington (Burlington, Connecticut)

“The Falls of Burlington”
Bunnell Brook, Burlington, CT
© 2013 J. G. Coleman

My new piece, “The Falls of Burlington”, features a stretch of exquisite cascades along Bunnell Brook which churn ceaselessly over rock outcroppings beneath the shade of a dense forest canopy. If we follow the wispy whitewater upstream, through a jagged rock gorge softened by carpets of moss, we catch a glimpse of early morning light as it sets leaves aglow on the distant horizon.

While these falls have long been known to a handful of locals in Burlington and adjacent towns, it would seem that they never received any official name and you won’t have any luck finding them on a typical map. Instead, they’ve remained a sparsely-visited gem known simply as “The Falls”. The writers of the Burlington Rambler’s Guide, a sort of source book for the natural sights of Burlington, referred to them a bit more precisely as Burlington Falls, though they noted that “we’re not sure if that’s the official name.” So although there may be some measure of confusion over exactly what they ought to be called, Burlington Falls certainly imparts a clarity that can only come from spending time in the woodlands serenaded by the sounds of rushing water.

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