The Lights at West Hartford

Christmas Lights at West Hartford, 2017 (Christmas Tree at West Hartford Town Hall, West Hartford, Connecticut)

“Christmas Lights at West Hartford, 2017”
Christmas Tree at West Hartford Town Hall, West Hartford, Connecticut

A little bit of Christmas spirit seems in order this weekend and the fine tree out front of West Hartford’s Town Hall certainly does the trick. Though this particular piece prompts me to draw attention to an element of some landscapes that perhaps the casual observer rarely notices.

Power lines tend to be strung up without any regard to how they impact aesthetics. I get it; it’s about practicality and we all need electricity and cable. But sometimes you get a scene like this where visual appeal isn’t marred by a thousand draped wires and it offers insight into why it might be useful to put a bit of extra thought into exactly where we hang lines. I’ve tussled with a number of different landscapes across Connecticut that are negatively impacted by the presence of a poorly-positioned power line. Oftentimes the aesthetics could’ve been preserved if the line had simply been run on the other side of the road, for example.

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