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Farewell Winter!

Judging by the stillness in the cold air and the snowpack lingering upon the barnyard of this Glastonbury farm, it would be tough to tell that a season of renewed warmth is upon us.


Heart of the Old Mill

While Newington’s Mill Pond Falls may measure a bit short, it is arguably more beloved than most waterfalls that are several times larger.


What Remains of the Joy

Few places in Connecticut so strongly embodied the “post-apocalypse” aesthetic as Pleasure Beach, a deserted amusement park and cottage village which stood vacant for nearly two decades at the end of a 1.5-mile peninsula on Long Island Sound.


Havemeyer Fallscape

It was the Nature Conservancy’s first project. It was the first National Natural Landmark. It’s only 30 miles from New York City? The 760-acre Mianus River Gorge Preserve is a truly unique place.


Exhibition at Noah Webster Gallery

During the month of July, my Waterfalls of Connecticut exhibition will be on display at the Noah Webster Library Gallery in West Hartford, Connecticut.


Connecticut’s Old Timbered Crossings

These covered bridges embody core elements of New England life: beauty, ingenuity and hardship. So although they may have outlived their era of their functional relevance, but they have emerged with a more enduring role, standing as potent reminders of who we are amidst a world in which it’s so easy to lose ourselves.


The Light at Fayerweather Island

For nearly 200 years, the Black Rock Lighthouse has been perched upon Fayerweather Island just off the coast of Bridgeport, Connecticut, weathering countless hurricanes, blizzards, floods and even the tireless efforts of several generations of vandals.


Juniper Hill Pondside

On this particular morning, I observed a beautifully moody display as the clouds sprawled across the sky over shadowy woodlands, reflecting from the mirror-like surface of Sperry Pond.


Hublein’s Retreat

Talcott Mountain can be seen from countless places throughout the towns of Bloomfield, Simsbury and Avon, its wooded slopes rising prominently above the surrounding landscape. Should there be any doubt as to whether or not the commanding shape on the horizon is Talcott, one can quickly scan the ridge line for the impressive Hublein Tower.


The Pride of Old Woodbridge

If Sperry Park strikes you as an exceptional place for a tranquil retreat into nature, then you can probably get a sense of why Nehemiah Sperry decided to donate this four-acre parcel of his family’s ancestral land to the Town of Woodbridge in 1907.


Winter on the Eightmile

With Winter on Eightmile Brook, I challenge us all to put aside our quarrels with the frigid weather, even if it’s only for a moment! Produced in Connecticut just last month, this piece brings us to the foot of Southford Falls where Eightmile Brook plunges a dozen feet before meandering through a snowy gorge that straddles the borders of Southbury and Oxford.


Plymouth Wildlands

As part of my years-long project to capture in photographs the aesthetic essence of Connecticut’s waterfalls, I became familiar with Buttermilk Falls Preserve in the Summer of 2011. In fact, I was so impressed with its incredible beauty and arresting atmosphere that I’ve returned several times since then.