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October & Tomatoes

As dawn breaks over the Naugatuck Valley in early October, thousands of stakes still dot a rolling field of tomato plants and bear the weight of the season’s waning crop.


Winter’s Final Days in the Countryside

I’ll be rolling out my first springtime farmland imagery of the year beginning next week. In the meantime though, I’ve released two final pieces from the very tail-end of this past winter.


On the Outskirts of Bristol

Remarkably, a handful of farms have endured on the periphery of Bristol and manage to feel a world apart from nearby suburbs and the bustling city streets to the south.


Silage and Watertown Farmlands

Amidst the gentle hills of Western Connecticut, morning light strikes a distant complex of barns flanked by plastic-bound hay bales.


Fieldstone Walls of New England

It wasn’t until the 20th-century, when much of New England’s age-old agrarian ways had faded, that rustic stone walls became romantic relics of a simpler, unhurried era in the region’s history.


Goreham’s Crossing at Pittsford

“Goreham’s Crossing at Pittsford” emerged from a quiet morning on Otter Creek and brings together several elements which elaborate upon the sense of place wrapped up in this rustic riverscape in the Green Mountain State.


Mud Season in Southern New England

“Mud Season” is the term for this time of year in New England: that month-long stretch in early spring when melting snows produces a thick slurry of mud upon the landscape.


Farewell Winter!

Judging by the stillness in the cold air and the snowpack lingering upon the barnyard of this Glastonbury farm, it would be tough to tell that a season of renewed warmth is upon us.