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Bulkeley’s Millstream

Beneath the dense canopy of summertime woodlands, Dividend Brook leaps from a jagged cliff before meandering a half-mile eastward to unite with the vast Connecticut River.


Winter in Tobacco Valley

Turn the clock back about a century and you would find the town of Windsor covered over with vast tobacco fields stretching to the horizon in every direction.


Winter on the Farms of Enfield

Cast from the hazy sky above, sunlight floods a frigid, snow-laden field in the Connecticut River Valley and throws long shadows from the stubble of last season’s corn stalks.


Shipyard Abyss

Sunlight struggles to reach the depths of a dark ravine where Mine Brook plunges over tiers of jagged bedrock in an eager race to join the Connecticut River nearby.


Farewell Winter!

Judging by the stillness in the cold air and the snowpack lingering upon the barnyard of this Glastonbury farm, it would be tough to tell that a season of renewed warmth is upon us.