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The Clarks and The Creek

Sometimes a simple babbling brook can, through tangential association, lead us unexpectedly into topics of great historical importance.


Bulkeley’s Millstream

Beneath the dense canopy of summertime woodlands, Dividend Brook leaps from a jagged cliff before meandering a half-mile eastward to unite with the vast Connecticut River.


Ceaseless Waterfalls

The cool waters of Carr Brook slip over a forest-shaded cliff, descending into a ceaseless whirlpool at the bottom of a rugged ravine just a few miles east of the Connecticut River.


Coburn Hideaway

The absence of a footpath, as well as the overall remoteness of the place, makes it likely that I’ve been the only person in many decades to peer up from the foot of these cascades. That’s worth every scraped elbow and labored breath!


Shipyard Abyss

Sunlight struggles to reach the depths of a dark ravine where Mine Brook plunges over tiers of jagged bedrock in an eager race to join the Connecticut River nearby.


Deadwood at Goldmine Brook Falls

Beyond the peeling bark of a downed birch, Goldmine Brook Falls descends 40 feet into a ravine amidst ancient, weathered rock faces softened by jackets of moss.


Okumsett Fringe

Glen Falls glows with whitewater as it careens over a sheer, 20-foot ledge, plunging Cobalt Stream into a shallow, woodland oasis lined by mossy cliffs, gravel beds and swaying ferns.


The Pride of Old Woodbridge

If Sperry Park strikes you as an exceptional place for a tranquil retreat into nature, then you can probably get a sense of why Nehemiah Sperry decided to donate this four-acre parcel of his family’s ancestral land to the Town of Woodbridge in 1907.


Winter on the Eightmile

With Winter on Eightmile Brook, I challenge us all to put aside our quarrels with the frigid weather, even if it’s only for a moment! Produced in Connecticut just last month, this piece brings us to the foot of Southford Falls where Eightmile Brook plunges a dozen feet before meandering through a snowy gorge that straddles the borders of Southbury and Oxford.


Plymouth Wildlands

I was so impressed with the incredible beauty and arresting atmosphere of this waterfall that I’ve returned every year.


Grayville Everlasting

Grayville Falls is a hidden gem nestled in the wooded wildlands of Hebron, a small town which bridges the low-lying Connecticut River Valley to its west and the hilly uplands of Connecticut’s “Quiet Corner” to its east.


Rivers & Streams Emerging from Winter

Perhaps my latest series of fine art prints, all taken during March 2012 as winter transitioned to early Spring, are just what we need to remind us of cooler days during this heat-wave.