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Bloomfield’s Farm Fresh Eggplant

As the final days of September approach, this leafy field of eggplant rears its final crop of ripened vegetables.


Square Bales and Summertime

Despite their rectangular shape, bales of hay such as these are typically referred to as “square bales” and offer the convenience of being easily moved by hand.


Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Although hay may seem like a rather simple farm product, there’s a fairly involved series of steps and machinery that go into producing those tidy bales.


Beyond the Old Ways

In a small field in northern Connecticut, rows of freshly-planted sprouts dance in the breeze amidst cloud-marbled skies and nearby woodlands.


Corn Cribs and… Broccoli?

Rows of broccoli wave yellow crowns beneath a December sky marbled with sunset clouds. Atop the nearby hill, an aging flat-bed farm truck sits parked amidst the wiry frames of vacant corn cribs.


Mud Season in Southern New England

“Mud Season” is the term for this time of year in New England: that month-long stretch in early spring when melting snows produces a thick slurry of mud upon the landscape.