Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Although hay may seem like a rather simple farm product, there’s a fairly involved series of steps and machinery that go into producing those tidy bales.


Empty Barns & Fields of Daisies

Beside creaky, derelict tobacco sheds besieged by prying vines, a brilliant mosaic of ox-eye daises, cow vetch, wheat and field grasses blankets an overgrown field in Central Connecticut’s waning Tobacco Valley.


A Hundred Miles of Nightfall

A breath-taking vista, wrought in endless peaks and valleys and lined with wild forests, unfolds before the humble front porch of a rustic, old cabin nestled amidst Vermont’s Green Mountains.


Wild Charleston

Riffles on a woodland trout stream purr softly beneath the forest canopy in the wilds of Northern Vermont amidst a luxurious mingling of leaves and mosses.


Beyond the Old Ways

In a small field in northern Connecticut, rows of freshly-planted sprouts dance in the breeze amidst cloud-marbled skies and nearby woodlands.


Turning the Soil

With planting time fast approaching, a farmer guides his tractor in broad loops around the field, churning the soil in preparation for a crop of soybeans.


The Decline of the Silo

Distant barns flank a towering concrete stave silo, likely retired from use years ago but still faithfully standing sentinel over the farm.


Canton Greening Over

Barns nestle into the bottom of a broad ridge where the hillside woodlands have taken to “greening over” after recent rains.


Waiting for the Leaves

As the farms of Northern Connecticut settle into springtime, grasses and tiny wildflowers sprout up at the periphery of the fields.


Carr Brook Emerging

Remote woodlands of Central Connecticut emerge from the grip of winter, channeling fresh spring rains through a sprightly brook which tumbles through the hills.


Jewel of Morris Cove

Amidst sandy beaches and gently swaying reeds, the iconic Five Mile Point Lighthouse rises from the shores of New Haven Harbor.


Holsteins Abound

Ask just about anyone to describe a cow from memory and they will almost certainly mention the blotchy, black and white pattern of the iconic Holstein.