Bouquet by the Water’s Edge

"Bouquet by the Water's Edge" (West Hartford Reservoir Trails, West Hartford, Connecticut)

“Bouquet by the Water’s Edge”
West Hartford Reservoir Trails, West Hartford, Connecticut
© 2016 J. G. Coleman

Writing in the 1890s for his book Poems of New England, J. H. Earle kicked off “A Summer Hour” with a few soothing lines:

Great the joy there is in silence
When the mind is free,
For then we here with nature talk,
And all seems in glee.

Especially when summer breezes
Waft the teeming earth,
And all landscapes seem to flourish
In nature’s glad birth.

Earle probably didn’t spend much time with early cameras, but I’m fairly certain that modern landscape photography taps in to the very same vein of inspiration from which he crafted his poetry.

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