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Serenity on Union Pond

Once a tool of industry, modern-day Union Pond serves as the centerpiece of a scenic park in a Manchester historic district.


Hammonasset Winter… or Summer?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s hard to beat shooting the Connecticut coast during wintertime.


Seeking Bunnell’s Falls

We know that one of the waterfalls on Bunnell Brook was historically called “Bunnell’s Falls”, but which one?


Southford Falls, Autumn Morning

Eightmile Brook leaps from an old mill pond and stages a vigorous charge through the dark gorge below.


A Vista Fit for Making Memories

For somebody born and raised in Connecticut, Lake Tahoe’s vast panoramas of open water and mountain scenery are otherworldly and enchanting.


The Lights at West Hartford

A bit of Christmas spirit seems in order and the fine tree out front of West Hartford’s Town Hall certainly does the trick.


Bradley Point and a Beat Hero

Bradley Point was, for a short time, the home of famous Beat poet and novelist Jack Kerouac.


Eightmile Crossing

Unlike their antique forebears, these relatively new covered bridges were never really intended to be trafficked crossings, but rather carefully crafted replicas.


A Golden View of the Silver City

Gusting winds rock a cluster of cedars dauntlessly perched atop an ancient traprock cliff in the Metacomet Range.


A Serpent Awakened

Along the flank of the Sleeping Giant hills, a woodland stream emboldened with the rainfall from an autumn Nor’easter surges through a leaf-scattered gorge.


Wigwam Blue

A grove of pines stand shrouded with morning mist on the tranquil shores of Wigwam Reservoir, their towering trunks inverted in a mirror-like reflection upon the still water below.


Remembering Alice

Sunlight pierces the forest canopy in the heart of Woodbridge, transforming the understory into a landscape fit for a fairytale.