Signature Series Premier Artwork

Signature Series Prints by J. G. Coleman

Fine artwork demands attention to fine detail. J. G. Coleman’s hand-crafted Signature Series Premier Artwork incoporates premium materials that are as durable and long-lasting as they are elegant and refined. Here you’ll be guided through an overview of the quality components and artist’s craftsmanship that come together to create these beautiful, enduring pieces of art that can be enjoyed and admired for a lifetime.

Photographic Prints

Fine Art Print by j. G. Coleman

At the heart of each Signature Series Premier Artwork is a superb photographic print that captures the rich colors and fine detail of Coleman’s work on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Super Type PD professional photo paper.  This premium photo paper is well-known for its quality, accurate color reproduction and lifetime longevity.  Crystal Archive paper is a matte-finish, acid-free, archival media rated to last 100 years on display (and as many as 200 years in dark storage) without fading or dulling, ensuring that each print will provide a lifetime of enjoyment while looking just as vibrant as the day it was produced.


Each piece of art is matted using a fully archival process with matboard and acid-free foamcore that is personally hand-cut by J. G. Coleman. Mats are available in white or black: simple, yet sophisticated, mat colors that work to emphasize the boldness and depth of colors in each piece. My signature is hand-written on both the print itself and on the mat using long-lasting, archival ink. All of the matboard I use is made of either alpha-cellulose or cotton, both of which are conservation-quality, acid-free materials that will not fade, yellow or harm the photographic print.

Every detail in the matting process is critical, since using improper or cheap materials can endanger the longevity and beauty of the artwork. That’s why I use a time-tested, archival method for matting that includes both acid-free tape and acid-free foam-core backing.


J. G. Coleman offers a variety of quality frames in either black or brown/stained finish. After hand-crafting your matted artwork, J. G. Coleman will personally select a frame that suits the piece. If you have a particular need for a certain style or color of frame, feel free to contact us before placing your order.

Lifetime, Fade-Free Guarantee

We are so confident in the high-quality prints, matboard and foam-core used in our fine art that we offer a lifetime guarantee that your artwork will not fade or yellow. If you are the original owner of the piece and you notice fading or yellowing, J. G. Coleman will replace the print for you free of charge.

Sizes and Pricing

Edition Print
Mat / Frame
Matted Price Framed and
Matted Price
Silver 8″ x 12″ 12″ x 16″ $105 $152
Gold 12″ x 18″ 18″ x 24″ $235 $315
Diamond 16″ x 24″ 24″ x 32″ $445 $550
Gallery 20″ x 30″ 28″ x 38″ $735 $855

NOTE: Most of my work is produced using a 2:3 ratio (ex. 8″x12″ or 16″x24″), but I do occasionally produce pieces in a 4:5 ratio (ex. 8″x10″ or 16″x20″). Generally, 4:5 prints are equivalently priced to 2:3 prints that have the same short-edge length. For example, the price of a framed 16″x20″ piece is equivalent to the price of a framed 16″x24″ piece.