All Things Connecticut

Wigwam Blue (Wigwam Reservoir, Thomaston, Connecticut)

Wigwam Blue

A grove of pines stand shrouded with morning mist on the tranquil shores of Wigwam Reservoir, their towering trunks inverted in a mirror-like reflection upon the still water below.

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"Woodland Remembrance" (Alice Newton Street Memorial Park, Woodbridge, Connecticut)

Woodland Remembrance

Sunlight pierces the forest canopy in the heart of Woodbridge, transforming the understory into a landscape fit for a fairytale.

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Naugatuck Eternal (Naugatuck River, Thomaston, Connecticut)

Naugatuck Eternal

Coursing mightily after weeks of springtime rainfall, the Naugatuck River churns up whitewater as it snakes through mist-engulfed woodlands.

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"Yankee Farmlands № 98" (Village of Nepaug in New Hartford, Connecticut)

New Hartford’s Shifting Center

In the rural valley of Nepaug beneath the looming silhouette of Yellow Mountain, farmland is daubed with molten light upon awakening to another January morning.

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"Bouquet by the Water's Edge" (West Hartford Reservoir Trails, West Hartford, Connecticut)

Bouquet by the Water’s Edge

"Especially when summer breezes waft the teeming earth, and all landscapes seem to flourish in nature’s glad birth.”

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