Biography of J. G. Coleman

J. G. Coleman is a fine art photographer specializing in the wilds of the American Northeast, with a strong emphasis on the landscapes of Connecticut where he was born and raised. As an avid hiker and naturalist, he creates artwork that is inspired and informed by a life-long fascination with nature, conveying an intimate relationship with the land, its denizens and even its bygone days of human history. During his travels, Coleman has produced one of the largest, most diverse collections of fine art Connecticut landscape photography currently available.

Coleman’s interest in art began at a very early age with pen and pencil sketches, transitioning mostly to watercolor painting as he grew older. Eventually, though, he found himself fascinated with computer technology and, for nearly a decade, his focus shifted away from traditional fine arts towards computer-based graphics, a field in which he delved into digital art and the elements of visual design. He also worked as a freelance writer on the topics of nature, technology and horticulture. Despite his fascination with digital graphics and writing, crafts which generally required plenty of time in front of a computer, he nonetheless remained an inherent naturalist and avid angler, possessing an affinity for natural places ever since he was a young child exploring the forests near home or scouring the sandbars of Long Island Sound in the summertime.

By the time he visited Central America in his mid-twenties, photography was one of the few forms of art that Coleman hadn’t sincerely explored. He found the landscapes of Costa Rica to be exotic and enchanting, but he noticed that many of the people who lived there seemed to have grown jaded to the wonders of nature that surrounded them everyday. With this simple realization in mind, he resolved to rediscover the awe-inspiring qualities of his own homeland, and digital photography was the perfect medium. Coleman’s passion for visual art, in-depth familiarity with computer graphics software and life-long experiences with the landscapes of New England all found a focused form of potent personal expression in his nature photography. When he began to realize that his photography could stir the emotions of others as strongly as the landscapes that inspired his work, he knew that he had discovered his artistic calling.