Artist Statement

J. G. Coleman's Artist Statement

My landscape photography is a celebration of the natural and cultural heritage of the American Northeast. From wild rivers to warm pastures and windswept lighthouses, the very fabric of our captivating world is woven with narratives of curiosity and discovery, joy and loss, beauty and hardship. Places of heritage tell meaningful stories of human experience; these are the stories that I seek to interpret and reveal.

The visual imagery that I create rejects the pervasive belief that we are somehow separate and unrooted from the places that we experience. By exploring and interpreting the world around us as an inseparable element of our rich inner worlds, we are free to appreciate both more deeply and sincerely. We are the waves and woodlands, the rushing waters and the crossings above… we are the boundless fields, the storms overhead and the silhouette in the mist; the beauty and wonder around us is the beauty and wonder within. This philosophy permeates my work and informs my creative sensibilities. It is also the foundational principle of my conservation ethic: when a place of heritage is lost, so too is an irreplaceable part of ourselves.

Conveying the essence of a landscape means leveraging light, color, texture, perspective, the motion of wind and water and the transformative power of the seasons in order to strike a meaningful balance between the momentary complexities of our world and the timeless simplicity of its forms, patterns and rhythms. My creative method hinges upon a receptive approach to the mood and character of the earth and the stories and experiences which it has shaped and absorbed since time immemorial.

I’m forever challenging myself to explore new landscapes and reinterpret those which are familiar, embracing fresh ways of seeing and distilling within my work sincere statements about our world which resonate with human emotion.