About J. G. Coleman

About J. G. Coleman

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» Waterfalls of Connecticut

A stunning photographic odyssey of Connecticut’s waterfalls.

» Wild Stock of New England

Quality stock photography of New England’s plants and animals.

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Engaging fine art photography blog by J. G. Coleman.

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J. G. Coleman is a Connecticut-based landscape photographer whose award-winning images are an inspiring celebration of the natural and agricultural heritage of the American Northeast.

Building upon an early background in sketching and painting, Coleman ultimately discovered an overwhelming passion for artistic communication through the aesthetics and rhythms of the natural world. He incorporates into his photography the full range of dynamics in our living landscape, leveraging exquisite light, ceaseless motion of water and wind, transformative power of the seasons and an inexhaustible array of organic shapes, contrasts and colors.

Coleman’s work has been recognized by the Connecticut Forest & Park Association and National Park Service and he’s taken part in exhibitions hosted by local conservation organizations such as the Madison Land Trust, Granby Land Trust and Glastonbury Audubon Society. He produces fine art prints of his work available from his online galleries at JGCOLEMAN.COM and his imagery has also been used in advertising and museum contexts.

The full breadth of J. G. Coleman’s fine art landscape photography is on display here at his online galleries at JGCOLEMAN.COM. His large collection of quality stock photography of New England wildlife, including a wide array of beautiful and rare wildflowers, is online at Wild Stock of New England. He also hosts a photography blog, From the Field, where he routinely releases new work and elaborates upon the unique landscapes and fascinating histories that inspire him.