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Bulkeley's Millstream (Upper Dividend Falls on Dividend Brook, Dividend Pond Park & Archaeological Site, Rocky Hill, Connecticut)

Bulkeley’s Millstream

Beneath the dense canopy of summertime woodlands, Dividend Brook leaps from a jagged cliff before meandering a half-mile eastward to unite with the vast Connecticut River.

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Graham's Secret (Carr Brook Falls, Portland, Connecticut)

Ceaseless Waterfalls

The cool waters of Carr Brook slip over a forest-shaded cliff, descending into a ceaseless whirlpool at the bottom of a rugged ravine just a few miles east of the Connecticut River.

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Coburn Hideaway (Unnamed waterfall in Westfield, Vermont)

Coburn Hideaway

The absence of a footpath, as well as the overall remoteness of the place, makes it likely that I’ve been the only person in many decades to peer up from the foot of these cascades. That’s worth every scraped elbow and labored breath!

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Forbidden Falls (Western Connecticut)

Forbidden Falls

In a frenzy on the heels of spring rains, a stream churns with whitewater as it crashes through mountain woodlands in Western Connecticut.

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Carr Brook Emerging (The Cascade, Meshomasic State Forest, Portland, Connecticut)

Carr Brook Emerging

Remote woodlands of Central Connecticut emerge from the grip of winter, channeling fresh spring rains through a sprightly brook which tumbles through the hills.

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