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Arise McDonough (Lake McDonough, Barkhamsted, Connecticut)

Arise McDonough

“Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over.” So said Mark Twain, whose words echo the bitterness which surrounded Connecticut’s quest to build enough reservoirs to satisfy the water needs of its capital region.

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Creamery Crossing at Brattleboro (Creamery Covereed Bridge over Whetstone Brook, Brattleboro, Vermont)

Creamery Crossing at Brattleboro

Off came my shoes and socks and, with pant legs rolled up, I waded into the cool waters of Whetstone Brook where I found the vista I had envisioned!

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Graham's Secret (Carr Brook Falls, Portland, Connecticut)

Ceaseless Waterfalls

The cool waters of Carr Brook slip over a forest-shaded cliff, descending into a ceaseless whirlpool at the bottom of a rugged ravine just a few miles east of the Connecticut River.

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Millstone and Main's Saw (Ledyard Up-down Sawmill, Sawmill Park, Ledyard, Connecticut)

A Millstone and Main’s Saw

Perched beside the sluiceway of a two-acre millpond in the heart of Ledyard, the old Main Sawmill has remarkably changed hands only twice since it was constructed back in the 1870s.

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Abiding Guardian of Newport Harbor (Newport Harbor Lighthouse, Newport, Rhode Island)

Abiding Guardian of Newport Harbor

This humble Newport Harbor Lighthouse, now over 170 years old, has faithfully kept watch over seven generations of mariners and Rhode Islanders alike.

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