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Wigwam Blue (Wigwam Reservoir, Thomaston, Connecticut)

Wigwam Blue

A grove of pines stand shrouded with morning mist on the tranquil shores of Wigwam Reservoir, their towering trunks inverted in a mirror-like reflection upon the still water below.

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"Woodland Remembrance" (Alice Newton Street Memorial Park, Woodbridge, Connecticut)

Woodland Remembrance

Sunlight pierces the forest canopy in the heart of Woodbridge, transforming the understory into a landscape fit for a fairytale.

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Naugatuck Eternal (Naugatuck River, Thomaston, Connecticut)

Naugatuck Eternal

Coursing mightily after weeks of springtime rainfall, the Naugatuck River churns up whitewater as it snakes through mist-engulfed woodlands.

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Randall Crossing at Lyndon (Randall Covered Bridge, a.ka. Old Burrington Bridge, over the East Branch Passumpsic River, Lyndon, Vermont)

Randall Crossing at Lyndon

A century and a half after being built, Randall Covered Bridge feels almost as natural a part of the scenery as the surrounding woodlands or the rushing waters of the Passumpsic’s East Branch.

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Tylerville Cascades (Clark Creek Falls on Clark Creek, Haddam, Connecticut)

Clark’s Stairway

Sometimes a simple babbling brook can, through tangential association, lead us unexpectedly into topics of great historical importance.

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