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Yankee Farmlands № 36 (Pear Tree beside an old fieldstone wall in an orchard, New Hartford, Connecticut)

Summertime Orchards of New Hartford

A thriving pear tree, its branches bowing with the weight of ripe fruit, arches over a fieldstone wall at the edge of an orchard in Northern Connecticut.

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Yankee Farmlands № 35 (Hay Barn, New Milford, Connecticut)

A Silent Barn in New Milford

On a humid summer morning in Western Connecticut, a bale elevator is perched silently at the open door of a barn overlooking luminous woodlands in the valley below.

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Yankee Farmlands № 34 (Field of giant sunflowers in Connecticut’s “Quiet Corner”, Griswold, Connecticut)

Giant Sunflowers of Griswold

Giant sunflowers crowd a verdant field in Connecticut’s Eastern Uplands as sprawling clouds drift across the summertime sky.

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Yankee Farmlands № 32 (Farm field with kale, Granby, Connecticut)

Fields of Kale at West Granby

Wrinkled plumes of kale climb over encroaching weeds as warm, summertime air drifts lazily through the field, the breeze too faint to stir the still forests along the farm edge.

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Yankee Farmlands № 31 (Bolton, Connecticut, USA)

Fieldstone Walls of New England

It wasn’t until the 20th-century, when much of New England’s age-old agrarian ways had faded, that rustic stone walls became romantic relics of a simpler, unhurried era in the region’s history.

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