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Yankee Farmlands № 85 (Field of tomatoes, Cheshire, Connecticut)

October & Tomatoes

As dawn breaks over the Naugatuck Valley in early October, thousands of stakes still dot a rolling field of tomato plants and bear the weight of the season’s waning crop.

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Yankee Farmlands № 83 (Field of decorative flowers, Simsbury, Connecticut)

Simsbury Blossoming

Exotic blossoms invite vivid color into a dusty farm field in Northern Connecticut where decorative flowers have reached maturity.

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Yankee Farmlands № 69 (Windrows in hayfield, Bloomfield, Connecticut)

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Although hay may seem like a rather simple farm product, there’s a fairly involved series of steps and machinery that go into producing those tidy bales.

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Yankee Farmlands № 68 (Tobacco sheds & wildflowers, Windsor, Connecticut)

Empty Barns & Fields of Daisies

Beside creaky, derelict tobacco sheds besieged by prying vines, a brilliant mosaic of ox-eye daises, cow vetch, wheat and field grasses blankets an overgrown field in Central Connecticut’s waning Tobacco Valley.

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Yankee Farmlands № 63 (Somers, Connecticut)

Waiting for the Leaves

As the farms of Northern Connecticut settle into springtime, grasses and tiny wildflowers sprout up at the periphery of the fields.

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