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Yankee Farmlands № 95 (Peach orchard during autumn, Stonington, Connecticut)

Making a New England Peach

Well into November, and with the surrounding forests already stripped bare by icy winds, an orchard of wizened peach trees clings valorously to its autumn trimmings.

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Yankee Farmlands № 93 (Farm in Washington, Connecticut)

A Bit of a Delay

Despite the warm glow of dawn as October comes to a close, icy temperatures more befitting of winter descend upon this cornfield in the hills of Western Connecticut.

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Yankee Farmlands № 92 (Barndoor Hills, Granby, Connecticut)

Atop the Barndoor Hills

Nestled between the Barndoor Hills, stables and white-fenced pastureland of a picturesque horse ranch contrast with the expansive forests.

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Yankee Farmlands № 90 (Eastford, Connecticut)

Quiet Store in the Quiet Corner

A scattering of pumpkins and bushels of fresh squash and gourds sit by the roadside beckoning to passersby to visit this farm store in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner.

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Yankee Farmlands № 89 (Salisbury, Connecticut)

In the Hills of Salisbury

In the 1830s, J. W. Barber described Salisbury not only as a farming community, but also as being “much celebrated for its very rich and productive iron mines”.

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