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Yankee Farmlands № 85 (Field of tomatoes, Cheshire, Connecticut)

October & Tomatoes

As dawn breaks over the Naugatuck Valley in early October, thousands of stakes still dot a rolling field of tomato plants and bear the weight of the season’s waning crop.

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Yankee Farmlands № 84 (Field of eggplant and produce box, Bloomfield, Connecticut)

Bloomfield’s Farm Fresh Eggplant

As the final days of September approach, this leafy field of eggplant rears its final crop of ripened vegetables.

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Yankee Farmlands № 83 (Field of decorative flowers, Simsbury, Connecticut)

Simsbury Blossoming

Exotic blossoms invite vivid color into a dusty farm field in Northern Connecticut where decorative flowers have reached maturity.

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Yankee Farmlands № 72 by J. G. Coleman (Texas Longhorns on feedlot, Watertown, Connecticut)

Texas Longhorns in New England

Enclosed by a mesh of chain-links, distinctive Texas Longhorns laze away the early morning on a feed lot in Connecticut’s Naugatuck Valley.

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Yankee Farmlands № 71 (Square bales and windrows in hay field, Bloomfield, Connecticut)

Square Bales and Summertime

Despite their rectangular shape, bales of hay such as these are typically referred to as “square bales” and offer the convenience of being easily moved by hand.

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