Artist Statement

Photography enables me to tell the story of the wild places of the American Northeast in a way that approaches the aesthetic core of this distinctive landscape. Through a receptive relationship with nature, I seek to portray truths about this land which are timeless and moving and reflect upon the origins of the full range of human experience.

When I’m experiencing a fascinating landscape first-hand, my goal is to remain sensitive to the mood and character of the earth, listening for the approach that speaks strongly to me and my personal vision and which is central to the identity and subtle characteristics of the land. Nature, of course, is a marvelously diverse subject. In conveying the essential truths of a landscape, I leverage light, the motion of wind and water and the transformative power of the seasons in order to strike a fine balance between the complexities of nature and the simplicity of its forms, patterns, and rhythms. I seek out those perspectives and conditions that allow me to make a sincere statement about the magical qualities of the natural world in all of its kaleidoscopic diversity.

A close personal connection with the natural world permeates my life as far back as I can remember. Out of my earlier work with drawing and painting, I developed a passion for photography which affords me the privilege of bringing my intimate, personal vision of the natural world to others. I routinely challenge myself to explore new landscapes, discover fresh ways of seeing and distill within my work those raw truths of the natural world that resonate with human emotion.